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When someone mentions re-pointing or pointing, you’re first instinct might be that they’re saying that parts of your roof aren’t pointing the right way.

In reality, they’re probably referring to a type of mortar that prevents gaps where the barge caps (the longer tiles / caps that sit where sides of your roof joins).

Ensuring ridges are properly point is an important maintenance procedure. Depending on the climate, it’s “re”pointing should be done every 10-20 years to prolong the life of the your roof.

In technical terms, pointing provides a flexible bond between the ridge caps (the longer tiles that sit on top where sides of your roof join) and the tiles.

It provides a water tight seal to prevent water from leaking into the bedding (the bonding agent that sits under the ridge cap that is unseen).

When getting your roof re-pointed, it’s important that your trade is also doing a proper job of grinding back the ridges. This is an important step when re-pointing a roof because it removes the old pointing and creates a nice flat surface to “point” on which will provide a better overall appearance.

If a roof is left for too long without being re-pointing, it begins to crack and break down. This can lead to leaks or cause the ridges to become loose and slip which can let vermin into the roof.

A ridge cap that has separated from the pointing causing a gap.

A recently re-pointed roof with a good seal between the tiles and the ridge caps.